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Kristi Adams Attorney

Kristi Adams

Kristi Adams has over 20 years experience in felony and misdemeanor criminal cases. As a former public defender, Ms. Adams has handled over 15,000 probation violation cases of all types. Ms. Adams has extensive experience in sex offender probation cases, having challenged the state and adult probation department in hundreds of violation hearings. Ms. Adams has years of litigation experience related to issues as diverse as probation search and seizure, sentence constitutionality, modification issues, and specific discovery. Ms. Adams has successfully represented thousands of clients seeking probation reinstatement, probation rejection, probation modifications, probation term reductions, probation transfers, and early terminations.

In addition to Ms. Adams’ in-depth practice experience in probation cases, her trial experience includes representing clients charged with major felony and misdemeanor offenses. Ms. Adams has represented hundreds of clients in specialty courts that include drug court, domestic violence, mental health, and veterans court.

Probation violations can result in serious legal consequences. Whether you are on unsupervised, standard, intensive, domestic violence, veterans, drug court or sex offender probation, Hallam Law Group will search for solutions, communicate with the courts, file necessary motions, and provide you with excellent service. Hallam Law Group has experienced attorneys, current in the law, and committed to helping you.