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Mesa Criminal Defense Lawyer

Don’t face a criminal charge or trial alone. A Mesa criminal defense lawyer can stand up for your rights, represent your best interests, and help you create and implement a strong defense strategy. The lawyer you hire can make a major difference in the outcome of your criminal case. Hallam Law Group is your source for a dedicated and aggressive defense lawyer in Mesa, Arizona.

Our firm takes cases involving alleged assault, abuse, domestic violence, theft, dangerous crimes, drug crimes, child pornography, felony drunk driving, manslaughter, homicide, and more. We take pride in connecting criminal defendants with powerful advocates who can change the course of their lives. Let us discuss defense strategies with you during a free consultation. Contact an attorney today.

We also serve clients in Scottsdale. To speak to one of our defense attorneys in Scottsdale, call (602) 237-5373 now.

How Can a Mesa Criminal Defense Lawyer Help?

Using a lawyer to organize your case, come up with strong defense strategies, walk you through various court processes, negotiate better outcomes, and safeguard your future will give you an advantage during a Mesa criminal trial. Hallam Law Group doesn’t just follow a playbook or use a general outline on how to handle criminal cases. We treat each client like our first and only client, creating customized defense strategies based on the facts and details of the case. Personalized criminal defense services can greatly improve your odds of a positive outcome.

From the very beginning, we’ll inform you of your rights and possible defense options after listening to your situation. We treat clients with compassion and total confidentiality, holding zero judgment. We have years of experience representing criminal defendants in a wide range of violent and felony crimes. The more honest you are with your attorney, the stronger your defense will be during a criminal trial. We’ll protect you from the start, going with you during police interrogations and preventing you from incriminating yourself.

Our firm will then dive deeper into your case, gaining access to information such as police footage of the arrest, the official police report, and a description of charges the state has pressed against you. We’ll use what we need to craft a strong defense strategy, such as lack of probable cause or unlawful search and seizure. Your lawyer will defend your rights every step of the way, giving you your absolute best chance of walking away with little to no criminal consequences. Our firm knows how to minimize criminal penalties for clients in Mesa.

Criminal Courts in Mesa

The Mesa Municipal Court is located at 250 E. 1st Avenue in Mesa, Arizona. This courthouse handles criminal trials and civil traffic hearings. The Mesa Municipal Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor offenses such as DUI, hit-and-run, theft, shoplifting, and assault. It also hears traffic violation cases and vehicle parking offenses, including speeding, sign violations, vehicle registration violations, child restraint violations, and parking tickets. People seeking orders of protection or injunctions against harassment will also use this courthouse.

Felony cases will go to the Maricopa Superior Court. The Criminal Department resolves these cases in the South Court Tower of the courthouse. There are specialized courts to handle DUI and drug cases, initial appearance court, early disposition court, and mental health court. Although both courthouses will provide public defenders to criminal defendants, it is always preferable to hire a private attorney whenever possible. Private attorneys have more time, energy, and attention to dedicate to your case.

Contact Us 24/7 for a Free Consultation

Hallam Law Group knows how important it is to get an immediate response when you call a Mesa defense attorney for advice and counsel. Our attorney makes herself available anytime, day or night, to answer calls from clients and potential clients. You can get the information you need about your situation to protect your rights and move forward with your head held high. Start your brighter future with a free criminal defense consultation in Mesa. Contact us today to request yours.