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"Jody and her legal team are amazing."

"Jody and her legal team are amazing. They are aggressive in court but also very compassionate. We felt very secure having Jody defend us. Best criminal defense team you can get. We went to Jody in hopes of finding a qualified lawyer who actually cared about the case and didn't automatically judge our case as guilty. Jody and Lindsey listened to us and kept in contact with us throughout the whole thing. They understood that this was a scary situation for our family and answered any questions we had about the court procedures. We are so grateful to have met them."

MYOUNG via Google (Reviews)

"Thank you Jody and Lindsey and the rest of your team for all that you do and have done."

"My husband is facing some serious allegations against him. After meeting with another attorney that spent 5 minutes with us, we went to meet with Jody and Lindsey. They spent over 3 hours with us in our initial meeting and we weren’t even clients yet. They were amazing and actually took the time to get to know us and our case. Needless to say we went with them. Today, we faced our first major hurdle in this case. The prosecution was fighting against letting my husband see our kids. Jody really shined and was able to get visitation allowed for my husband. We still have a long way to go and I am comfortable that we are going into the fight with the best people that we could have representing us. Thank you Jody and Lindsey and the rest of your team for all that you do and have done."

BECKY via Google (Reviews)

"The best lawyers in town!"

"The best lawyers in town! They helped me out in 16 malicious criminal charges. Very professional always available, I highly recommend them. Jody made the prosecutor dismissed all the charges, set me free."

ELEX via Google (Reviews)

"Jody and her team were responsive, transparent, thorough, and confident"

"When my family needed a strong, tough, experienced legal team to help us battle our case, Jody and her team were responsive, transparent, thorough, and confident. We knew as soon as we met her that we wanted her to handle our case. She fought as though she was fighting for her own family. The criminal case went to trial, and Jody won a verdict of NOT GUILTY. I would recommend her to anyone, no matter how simple or complicated the case. She can handle anything."

KATE via Google (Reviews)

"She's 10/10"

"When a good friend was wrongfully accused of a horrible act, I connected him with Jody; who I had found quite fortuitously visiting her own clients in Lower Buckeye Jail while I was visiting him. I'm a civil trial lawyer myself, so I was struck instantly by her kind demeanor towards her imprisoned clients - VERY different than the jaded coldness I'm used to seeing from criminal defense attorneys that I've met. But don't let her kind demeanor fool you: during my friend's trial, Jody "roasted" (the family's words) the case detective on the witness stand, and she fought the underhanded tactics by the prosecutor like a tigress -- winning several key legal rulings by the judge. I can count on one hand the number of criminal defense attorneys I trust; Jody is now on that list. Five stars isn't enough, so I'm adding five more right here: * * * * *. She's 10/10."

JOSHUA via Google (Reviews)

"Knowledgeable, experienced and caring"

"My name is Paul. I have a serious pending case, and Jody and her staff member Lindsey went out of there way to answer questions. I would highly recommend Jody to help a person with any criminal situation. Jody is very patient, kind, and thoughtful, and she carefully takes her time to listen and give excellent advice. Also, Jody has great ideas in helping you with viable options. Getting in trouble is very serious and frightening, and Jody is very knowledgeable, experienced and caring. I truly like Jody, and you will too. Please hire Jody as the best criminal defense attorney to help you."

PAUL via Google (Reviews)

"Best criminal defense you can get!"

"Jody and her legal team are amazing. They are aggressive in court but also very compassionate. We felt very secure having Jody defend us. Best criminal defense team you can get. We went to Jody in hopes of finding a qualified lawyer who actually cared about the case and didn't automatically judge our case as guilty. Jody and Lindsey listened to us and kept in contact with us throughout the whole thing. They understood that this was a scary situation for our family and answered any questions we had about the court procedures. We are so grateful to have met them."

ESTHER (via Avvo) July 22, 2019

"Aggressive Representation"

"First rate service and advice from the entire staff and aggressive representation in the courtroom by Josephine Hallam. These folks unraveled the mystery of the legal language for me and put my worries to rest. I am extremely happy with the positive results of my case and would recommend them to anyone needing legal representation."

ADAM (via Avvo) May 27, 2019

"Amazing attorney"

My wife found Josephine from online research. Our daughter was facing serious felony drug charges and we had been strung along by another attorney for five months with no end in sight. There was little to no communication with the first lawyer so out of desperation we luckily found Jody. After an initial free consultation we knew immediately that she could take over and resolve this complicated issue. Within a month Jody was able to get the best possible outcome we could have hoped for and the tremendous stress and worry was gone. She kept everyone informed throughout the next month until finally ending this unpleasant ordeal She was everything you could hope to have during such a stressful period. She is intelligent, kind and understanding and instantly puts you at ease. She is a dedicated attorney who comes from a stellar legal family not to mention her grandfather was a Supreme Court Justice (Justice Hugo Black), and she carries his legacy well. If you’re in need of great legal assistance, I would highly recommend you meet with her as we were so glad we discovered such an amazing person.

LARRY (via Avvo) March 30, 2019

"Treated me as if I were her top priority."

I called Josephine and was told she was in a meeting so I left a message. I had done that earlier in the day with a different lawyer and was never called back, but Josephine (also known as Jody), called me back within an hour. She was compassionate and understanding and listened to the mess I have gotten myself into. She was knowledgeable of the laws (one lawyer wanted $700 just to research the law and then more to actually help me). Mine was a simple case, but she treated it as if it were top priority. When we met, she was so easy to talk to and quickly eased my embarrassment and concerns. I HIGHLY recommend Jody! She was extremely professional, knowledgeable, proactive, quickly understood my situation, and treated me with kind compassion.

PAULA (via Avvo) Jan 17, 2019

“Understands the law and the criminal justice system better than anyone else”

My case was being handled by an attorney who seemed to have no motivation for my case to end. I felt like I was his cash cow. In my darkest hour, I was referred to Ms. Hallam, and she immediately made me feel like my case was the most important one she had ever worked on. We met at her office for a consultation, she listened to the details of my case without judgement, and she immediately created a plan of action if I were to hire her. She truly cares about her clients and works hard to make sure they get the best possible outcome. Ever since I hired her, I have felt like there is someone on my side who understands the law and the criminal justice system better than anyone else I have spoken to. I highly recommend her without hesitation and feel safe with her representing me.

JOHN (via Avvo) Dec 27, 2018

“Always informative, supportive, and responsive”

I came to Josephine with an order of protection against me and after being told by many attorneys not to request a hearing. Despite many difficulties in language and culture, she listened to me, evaluated my situation, gave me information on pros and cons of a request of hearing for a restraining order; and she let me make my own decision. My hearings were extended to two sessions as it involved many witnesses and other factors. It was a very stressful time, and I’m prepared for the worst. If it’s not her flying her hardest for me, I could never make it through such a depressing and darkest time in my marriage. She’s always informative, supportive, and responsive no matter how busy she is. I would highly recommend Jody to anyone who’s looking for a highly professional, compassionate, understanding, and caring attorney. She listened without judging and would act for her clients’ best interests. “Thank you” is the least thing I can do to show my gratitude for what she’s done for me.

Thao (via Avvo) Dec. 14, 2018

"Came out of Court filled with gratitude and relief"

What a pleasure to meet Ms. Hallam! A very trying time in our lives was met with total respect, compassion, caring, devotion and trust. We were told what to expect during the hearing process and were thus prepared. Although nervous, we came out of court filled with gratitude and relief!

Mary (via Avvo) Dec, 10, 2018

"Josephine is a GODSEND"

She is sweet and informative, and responded to many of my aching questions promptly. I did not feel judged whatsoever. I get the sense that she genuinely cares about me and my situation, and is more than willing to get me through this rough patch in my life with a simple consultation (and for free!) I wish I can hug her and express how much light she has shed and clarity she has provided regarding one of the scariest moments in my life. 5 stars.

Angela (via Avvo)

"The Best to Have on Your Side"

Hallam is intelligent, diligent, knowledgeable and the best person to have on your side when you need. If you have a criminal issue, call her.

Cara (via Facebook)

"Compassionate Approach"

Attorney Hallam listened to my situation during the consultation with a compassionate approach. She asked pointed questions related to the case and provided sound and respectful advice to follow. Attorney Hallam maintained a level of professionalism and displayed a genuine concern towards the issue.

Anonymous (Via

Caring and Understanding

After searching for an attorney and speaking with a few of them whom all seemed over priced beyond over priced, I found Josephine Hallam. I am very happy to have found her as she is very caring and understanding. Josephine Hallam took her time and make time for me with no obligations, it didn't matter if I contacted her thru phone call a text message or via email she always replied quick and answered all of my questions making me feel at ease. I would definitely recommend Josephine Hallam to any one facing a legal issue! I would hire her at any time given without a doubt. She was like an Angel fallen from heaven that guided me. Josephine Hallam you are the BEST & ROCK !! She is the one you want and are looking for in your legal issue.

Debbie Scottsdale, AZ

She is a Rock Star

Hello, I have recently relocated from out of state to the Phoenix metropolitan area. Prior to moving I accepted a position where a full back round check would occur. Not quite sure what would appear I did one on myself and found I had an active warrant from over ten years ago. Nervous and a little frustrated I started contacting defense attorneys for representation. After speaking with a handful of attorney's paralegals; never actually speaking with the defense attorney I was trying to contact, who seemed over priced and quick to deal, I finally found Josephine Hallam. She personally answered the call, even though it was after 5pm on a Friday. Josephine immediately put my mind at ease with the situation I was facing. After actually listening to me she answered all of my questions in a straight forward fashion. She is extremely personable and understanding, and she truly does care about her clients. I retained her services the very next day even though I was still 1500mi away. Josephine and her paralegal, Lindsay, went to work for me straight away. She lays out the facts and gives you the best possible choices for you to move forward in. After meeting with her for the first time I was even more impressed with her character and her mastery of her craft. My case is currently ongoing, so I won't get into specifics, but I feel very strongly in Josephine Hallams' ability to fight side by side with me through the whole process. I would highly recommend Josephine Hallam if you are in the unfortunate situation where you require a defense attorney. She is a rock star.

"Not a Robot" Phoenix, AZ

Treated me like I mattered

I reached out to several different lawyers and after brief conversation I still felt uneasy. It was not until I called Hallam Law Group and spoke with Josephine Hallam herself, not a representative, not her assistant but to her did I feel so much better. She was very informative, caring and treated me like I mattered and not just another client. She didn't rush me, she listened and before we hung up she made sure I was ok, had no more questions and reassured me that I could call her if I needed anything else. If I am ever to need a lawyer, I WOULD DEFINITELY HIRE THIS PHENOMENAL, CARING, LAWYER Ms. Josephine Hallam. Thank you for our talk, thank you for putting my mind at ease, I can rest now. With your informative conversation and knowing I found the best person to represent me if a lawyer is what I need makes my entire day.

Tanya Scottsdale, AZ

After 9 Months of Searching

Though it wasn't her forte (because she is a criminal defense lawyer), she had responded to my emails, questions etc. The day I met with her at her office for the consultation, she was honestly very attentive, and she knew what to look for without me having to explain much, and she was so kind as to go above and beyond and relay some issues to the prosecutors, to take a look at my case. Yesterday, I finally had someone from the attorney general's investigators contact me regarding the issue of a former employer stealing thousands of dollars from me throughout the years. I have to say even after the consultation I felt such a weight lifted off my shoulders and a sense of everything is going to be all right, so I can breathe. I must say she also had a very all-around great personality and laughed and appreciated my honesty with a bit of sense of humor! Thank you so very much... I hope to keep you in my corner, because you really made things happen, opened doors, that I couldn't no matter what...

Jessica Phoenix, AZ

More then I could ever expect

I have not been charged with a crime but I am very worried that I could be, and it would absolutely destroy my family. 12 years ago was my last possession of marijuana charge that's all I've ever had in my life but I do have two or three felonies from those and so therefore the charge that I am worried about could be very serious. She was very quick to answer any questions I had. She even offered to show up to my initial arraignment if it happens for free. Now hopefully I never need her services and hopefully no new charges are ever filed but I would like to say thank you. I appreciate your compassion for others it's a rare trait in people these days. I can honestly say that if Jody takes the time to talk to you she will listen your questions and it's important to pay attention. I didn't exactly get news I wanted to hear but I got the truth.

Carola Scottsdale, AZ

Helpful and Understanding

When I was in jail, Ms. Hallam was going to come to visit with me to do our consultation. Although, she had just missed me as I was in the releasing process. Despite that, I later contacted her and I met with her. She was very understanding of my case and looked up all the information regarding it. She was honest and did not charge me, whereas another lawyer my family told me to go to was less helpful and more about the money. Even though I really have no ongoing case, she still continued to help me in areas of my life my case has effected me where I need legal help. Honestly, if anything should come up, I would not hesitate to hire her on as my lawyer.

Anonymous Phoenix, AZ

If you need an excellent attorney, contact Josephine Hallam!

I had a few specific questions that I wanted legal advise with, and when I met with Josephine, the consultation she offered me was absolutely worth it. Josephine was able to review any legal documents and gave her advise in a clear and precise manner, where she also gave slight examples of her experience with criminal defense. If you are looking to hire an attorney or just need legal advise, like I did, do not waste anymore time and contact Josephine.

Joe Phoenix, AZ

“Very kind and knowledgeable"

"I consulted with Josephine about my case and she has been nothing but kind and helpful with any and all questions I have had. She has truly gone out of her way to help me receive the guidance and information needed to handle this scary situation. I highly recommend speaking with her."


“Wonderful Representation”

“Jody is an excellent attorney, who truly cares about her clients and their outcomes. I have witnessed her negotiation skills, securing significantly better results and settlements. She fights tirelessly for her clients and is an amazing advocate. ”


“Awesome Service!”

“ consulted with Jodi on a potential scenario that would have impacted me in a serious manner. Jodi clearly explained my options to consider and the rights that I have to protect my innocence. She is a great communicator and paints the big picture while providing legal tactical guidance in the midst of a process which I had no experience with. I felt very comfortable with the guidance Jodi provided and felt assured that my best interests were being addressed! I highly recommend Jodi for any situation where you need legal guidance on how best to protect your innocence!"


"A great one"

"Mrs Hallam was more than amazing for me. Her knowledge, her compassion, and her ability to empathize is what stands out. She gave me thorough knowledge on the situation and made sure I knew the options that were available. When talking to the judge she was on point and direct with a good argument (and I had a tough judge). Throughout my case, I was able to contact her with any questions even while incarcerated. I trusted her when she said she will do her best and my family did as well. Her best was literally that. I would recommend her to everyone. "


“Saved my life”

"There I was.. lost, confused, I was about to lose everything. At first facing a felony didn’t hit me as hard as it should have.. so I was ‘googling’ “Scottsdale Lawyers” the NIGHT before my 3rd preliminarily hearing.. I would get the “come in for a consultation” about ten times before I called Josephine Hallam.. she was the only one who asked me a couple questions and gave me advice without expecting anything.. I asked if she was available the next morning.. she had another case before and after mine.. but she made it work. Hiring her was the best thing I had ever done.. I had the public defenders telling me to take a plea, even my own mother was convinced I should take the plea.. but Ms. Hallam was confident in me, which made me confident in myself and the justice system.. so we proceeded to take it to trial.. I was sick in thought of what could happen at the next court date.. I couldn’t eat, sleep. until she emailed me and said “I will fight as hard as I can to get this dismissed. I promise. You’re a strong woman and you’ll get through this”. This brought me so much comfort in just the fact that someone was fighting for me when before it seemed like everyone was against me.. and if they weren’t against me I was just another name in a folder for the day.. the next court date came and Ms. Hallam got my case dismissed she did the seemingly impossible and made it look easy, although it was far from, she put in a lot of work, time, and energy and it saved my life completely. Josephine Hallam is an amazing Lawyer, but a even better person."


"Provide the utmost quality service and professionalism"

"Jody and her whole team (Lindsey, Alexis and Jacci) provide the utmost quality service and professionalism. She is thoughtful, respectful and understanding. My understanding is Jody has many years experience in the Scottsdale Prosecutors office which is very instrumental to her legal strategy and probably her reason to become a criminal defense lawyer. We all know the legal system isn't fair or righteous and many times to the contrary. Jody's team will dissect the reports and testimonies to uncover the facts and provide a strategy for the best possible outcome. There is no doubt, I would recommend Hallam Law Group."


"They put my family at ease"

"This review won't express enough how amazing Jody and Hallam Law group is. From the beginning they put my family at ease and began their amazing work. Their professional, their knowledge, but most importantly the way they treated my family and I was amazing. Truly blessed to have found them. No words could ever express how thankful we are. Thank you."


"She is an absolute joy"

"We have only had meetings with her and when my son was first arrested after talking to her on the phone. She went down to the police station and got them to immediately stop interrogating my son before we even meet her. She is an absolute joy for me and my family."


"Patient and attentive"

"She worked really hard. She was so patient and attentive, even when emotions were high and things were tough. Highly recommend!"


Amazing attorney"

"It was just a consultation, and out of all the other attorneys I had a consultation meeting with, Josephine definitely came out on top. With all the legitimate facts and stats, she made everything clear as day. I would 100% 10/10 recommend for anyone that needs an amazing attorney, that you hire her, she will put you in the right place"