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  • 14 counts of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor, 5 counts of Molestation of a child, 5 counts of Sexual Abuse of a Minor, and 1 count of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor: DISMISSED
  • Assault- Domestic Violence: DISMISSED
  • Trafficking in Stolen Property: DISMISSED
  • Indecent Exposure: DISMISSED
  • Solicitating Prostitution: DISMISSED
  • Shoplifting: DISMISSED
  • Assault and Criminal Damage: NOT GUILTY
  • Sex Abuse: NOT GUILTY
  • Order of Protection: DISMISSED IN FULL
  • Sex Conduct with a Minor, 3 victims, 7 counts: HUNG JURY
  • Sexual Conduct with a Minor, Molestation, 3 Victims, 7 counts: PLED TO REDUCED CHARGE OF ATTEMPTED MOLESTATION, 1 YEAR JAIL AND PROBATION
  • Sexual Conduct with a Minor, 2 victims, 2 counts: PLED DOWN TO CHILD ABUSE, 2.5 YEARS IN DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS AND PROBATION
  • Threatening and Intimidating – Pre-File: NOT CHARGED
  • Sexual Assault – Pre-File: NOT CHARGED
  • Sex Conduct with a Minor, 11 counts: HUNG JURY
  • Sex Conduct with a Minor: 2 counts, NOT GUILTY – 9 counts, HUNG JURY
  • Theft, Class 3 Felony: DISMISSED IN FULL
  • Armed Robbery, Class 2 Dangerous: DISMISSED IN FULL
  • Theft, Class 3 Felony: DROPPED TO A MISDEMEANOR