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Monthly Archives: December 2018

When Are the Police Allowed to Search My Belongings?

The fourth amendment protects individuals from unreasonable searches of personal property by police. The word reasonable, however, means this search is open to some interpretation. The fourth amendment does make clear that police need written permission to search a person’s belongings if they are investigating…

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Arizona Gun Laws You Should Know

Arizona gun laws are much less stringent than in most other states in the country. State law allows anyone over 18 to open carry, and anyone over 21 can conceal a weapon without a permit. Despite the permissiveness of AZ’s gun law, the constant conversation…

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What is Considered Indecent Exposure in Arizona?

Indecent exposure is a serious offense in the United States as well as in Arizona. Several key factors determine the seriousness of an indecent exposure conviction, including whether the event was reckless in nature, the location where it happened, and the age of the victim.…

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