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What Happens After a Defendant Is Sentenced to Prison in Arizona State Criminal Court?

Posted in General on June 8, 2021

Information for families preparing for a loved one entering the Arizona Department of Corrections: If your loved one is sentenced to serve time in the Arizona Department of Corrections, they will be taken from the courtroom directly to the County jail until the pick up transportation van comes from the prison, Arizona Department of Corrections… read more

What Happens If You Don’t Go to Jury Duty?

Posted in General on January 4, 2019

If you are a resident of Arizona between the ages of 18 and 75, you could receive a request for jury duty. When you receive a jury summons, do not ignore it. Under Arizona and federal law, you must appear for jury duty unless you submit an acceptable excuse. Not appearing for jury duty can… read more

When Are the Police Allowed to Search My Belongings?

Posted in General,Search and Seizure on December 28, 2018

The fourth amendment protects individuals from unreasonable searches of personal property by police. The word reasonable, however, means this search is open to some interpretation. The fourth amendment does make clear that police need written permission to search a person’s belongings if they are investigating him or her of a crime. If the person does… read more

What is Considered Indecent Exposure in Arizona?

Posted in General on December 11, 2018

Indecent exposure is a serious offense in the United States as well as in Arizona. Several key factors determine the seriousness of an indecent exposure conviction, including whether the event was reckless in nature, the location where it happened, and the age of the victim. An exposure that is accidental in nature is different than… read more

How Can I Get My Criminal Records Sealed in Arizona?

Posted in General on December 6, 2018

To have the courts seal a criminal record in Arizona, defendants must seek a set-aside judgment. For individuals living with a criminal record, the thought of having that record sealed or expunged is likely a lifetime goal with the potential to open up countless opportunities. However, Arizona does not have a program in place for… read more