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Jody replied to my email faster than I expected and she scheduled me immediately the next day. I expected it to be a fast meeting with her getting some basics about what was going on but to my surprise she spent a few hours with me. Jody sat and listen and asked questions and never made me feel like I wasn’t being heard. I was at a VERY low point and she knew it. She made me feel at ease and like some of the weight was lifted off my shoulders. She offered to make some phone calls and sent me in the direction of other people that might be able to help. She still keeps in contact with me and we check in every couple weeks. Jody is a compassionate, caring, strong and so many more adjectives but I can only say amazing would best suit her. She takes the time, more than needed to help and it was during a consultation! I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking guidance in their time of need for help in matters she handles. Jody greets you with a hug and kind words but behind that is all lawyer ready to put up a fight that you know will give everything she’s got to win. Thank you Jody you and your team are the best in the game! I wish you nothing but great things. I will forever have you guys in my heart and prayers!