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Though it wasn’t her forte (because she is a criminal defense lawyer), she had responded to my emails, questions etc. The day I met with her at her office for the consultation, she was honestly very attentive, and she knew what to look for without me having to explain much, and she was so kind as to go above and beyond and relay some issues to the prosecutors, to take a look at my case. Yesterday, I finally had someone from the attorney general’s investigators contact me regarding the issue of a former employer stealing thousands of dollars from me throughout the years. I have to say even after the consultation I felt such a weight lifted off my shoulders and a sense of everything is going to be all right, so I can breathe. I must say she also had a very all-around great personality and laughed and appreciated my honesty with a bit of sense of humor! Thank you so very much… I hope to keep you in my corner, because you really made things happen, opened doors, that I couldn’t no matter what…