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“When a good friend was wrongfully accused of a horrible act, I connected him with Jody; who I had found quite fortuitously visiting her own clients in Lower Buckeye Jail while I was visiting him. I’m a civil trial lawyer myself, so I was struck instantly by her kind demeanor towards her imprisoned clients – VERY different than the jaded coldness I’m used to seeing from criminal defense attorneys that I’ve met. But don’t let her kind demeanor fool you: during my friend’s trial, Jody “roasted” (the family’s words) the case detective on the witness stand, and she fought the underhanded tactics by the prosecutor like a tigress — winning several key legal rulings by the judge. I can count on one hand the number of criminal defense attorneys I trust; Jody is now on that list. Five stars isn’t enough, so I’m adding five more right here: * * * * *. She’s 10/10.