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My wife found Josephine from online research. Our daughter was facing serious felony drug charges and we had been strung along by another attorney for five months with no end in sight. There was little to no communication with the first lawyer so out of desperation we luckily found Jody. After an initial free consultation we knew immediately that she could take over and resolve this complicated issue. Within a month Jody was able to get the best possible outcome we could have hoped for and the tremendous stress and worry was gone. She kept everyone informed throughout the next month until finally ending this unpleasant ordeal She was everything you could hope to have during such a stressful period. She is intelligent, kind and understanding and instantly puts you at ease. She is a dedicated attorney who comes from a stellar legal family not to mention her grandfather was a Supreme Court Justice (Justice Hugo Black), and she carries his legacy well. If you’re in need of great legal assistance, I would highly recommend you meet with her as we were so glad we discovered such an amazing person.