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Hello, I have recently relocated from out of state to the Phoenix metropolitan area. Prior to moving I accepted a position where a full back round check would occur. Not quite sure what would appear I did one on myself and found I had an active warrant from over ten years ago. Nervous and a little frustrated I started contacting defense attorneys for representation. After speaking with a handful of attorney’s paralegals; never actually speaking with the defense attorney I was trying to contact, who seemed over priced and quick to deal, I finally found Josephine Hallam. She personally answered the call, even though it was after 5pm on a Friday. Josephine immediately put my mind at ease with the situation I was facing. After actually listening to me she answered all of my questions in a straight forward fashion. She is extremely personable and understanding, and she truly does care about her clients. I retained her services the very next day even though I was still 1500mi away. Josephine and her paralegal, Lindsay, went to work for me straight away. She lays out the facts and gives you the best possible choices for you to move forward in. After meeting with her for the first time I was even more impressed with her character and her mastery of her craft. My case is currently ongoing, so I won’t get into specifics, but I feel very strongly in Josephine Hallams’ ability to fight side by side with me through the whole process. I would highly recommend Josephine Hallam if you are in the unfortunate situation where you require a defense attorney. She is a rock star.