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THAO (VIA AVVO) DEC. 14, 2018

I came to Josephine with an order of protection against me and after being told by many attorneys not to request a hearing. Despite many difficulties in language and culture, she listened to me, evaluated my situation, gave me information on pros and cons of a request of hearing for a restraining order; and she let me make my own decision. My hearings were extended to two sessions as it involved many witnesses and other factors. It was a very stressful time, and I’m prepared for the worst. If it’s not her flying her hardest for me, I could never make it through such a depressing and darkest time in my marriage. She’s always informative, supportive, and responsive no matter how busy she is. I would highly recommend Jody to anyone who’s looking for a highly professional, compassionate, understanding, and caring attorney. She listened without judging and would act for her clients’ best interests. “Thank you” is the least thing I can do to show my gratitude for what she’s done for me.