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What Happens After a Defendant Is Sentenced to Prison in Arizona State Criminal Court?

Information for families preparing for a loved one entering the Arizona Department of Corrections: If your loved one is sentenced to serve time in the Arizona Department of Corrections, they will be taken from the courtroom directly to the County jail until the pick up…

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When Should I Call the Police During a Domestic Dispute?

Fights between significant others are common. However, some domestic disputes can turn violent and abusive. In these situations, calling the police to home is necessary to protect a person’s life and the lives of his or her children. Unfortunately, some people can misuse police services…

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10 Odd Laws in Arizona You Should Know

Law evolves over time as society changes. However, some strange laws still remain on the books in many places, including Arizona. While not all remain enforced, a few of these unexpected regulations can leave you wondering how lawmakers passed them in the first place. Here…

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