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What is Considered Indecent Exposure in Arizona?

Indecent exposure is a serious offense in the United States as well as in Arizona. Several key factors determine the seriousness of an indecent exposure conviction, including whether the event was reckless in nature, the location where it happened, and the age of the victim.…

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How Can I Get My Criminal Records Sealed in Arizona?

To have the courts seal a criminal record in Arizona, defendants must seek a set-aside judgment. For individuals living with a criminal record, the thought of having that record sealed or expunged is likely a lifetime goal with the potential to open up countless opportunities.…

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What is the Minimum Sentence for Aggravated Assault in Arizona?

Every year, law enforcement officers arrest thousands of Arizona residents on assault charges. These incidents range from fights that get out of hand to attacks involving deadly weapons. Assault charges also range in severity, from misdemeanors to felonies. Sometimes, the courts deem an assault charge…

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