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Scottsdale Criminal Damage to Property Attorney

What seems like a harmless prank or graffiti tag on a local Scottsdale building could end in serious criminal charges, penalties, and lifelong consequences. The best way to protect your rights is help from an experienced lawyer. Contact the Scottsdale criminal defense attorneys at Hallam Law Group right away if you or a loved one is facing criminal damage to property charges in Arizona. We can immediately begin work on your case, giving you the best chance of escaping conviction or lessening the charges against you.

The right legal representation can result in the courts dropping or lessening the charges against you, agreeing to a satisfactory plea bargain, or a jury finding you not guilty of an alleged offense. Hallam Law Group has been in the business of providing aggressive defense representation to criminal defendants, both adults and juvenile participants in crime in Scottsdale for years. Our Scottsdale criminal defense lawyers understand exactly how these cases work and how to navigate the law in our clients’ best interests. Our firm has everything you need to feel confident in your defense.

What is “Criminal Damage to Property” in Scottsdale?

“Criminal damage to property” in the state of Arizona can be described as a range of actions that ultimately result in actual damage to property, or even the intent to cause damage to property.

Review Arizona Revised Statute Section 13-1602 for the full text of the law or speak with a Scottsdale criminal damage to property attorney, as the laws are subject to change. In the meantime, here is an overview of the state’s criminal damage laws to give you an idea of the charges you do face or might in the future. Someone commits criminal damage to property if he or she recklessly does any of the following:

  1. Defaces or damages someone else’s property.
  2. Tampers with someone else’s property in a way that impairs its value or function.
  3. Damages property of a utility.
  4. Parks a vehicle in a manner that deprives livestock of water.
  5. Draws or inscribes any sign, symbol, message, or slogan on any public or private building, structure, or surface (except the ground) without the owner’s permission.

Intentionally tampering with utility property also qualifies as criminal damage to property. The penalties for committing this crime depend upon the class of the misdemeanor or felony. The crime can classify as a Class 2 misdemeanor all the way up to a class 4 felony according to the severity of the crime. Convicted defendants may face consequences such as thousands of dollars in fines. The state will use the money as punishment against the criminal as well as to repair or abate the damage to the property.

How Can a Scottsdale Criminal Damage to Property Attorney Help You?

A strong defense strategy could significantly improve your outlook on the future when facing criminal damage to property charges. Defense possibilities and legal tactics will vary according to the specifics of your actions, intentions, and arrest. One possible defense could be that you destroyed property out of necessity in an emergency situation, such as escaping danger.

Another might be that someone else coerced you into performing the criminal acts. You might also be able to argue that you did not have criminal intent when damaging the property. For example, you took someone else’s property by mistake. Your criminal defense lawyer will guide you through the possible defense strategies in your case, as well as fight for lesser penalties if a not-guilty defense is not appropriate.

When to Call the Hallam Law Group

Don’t go up against state prosecutors by yourself or with “help” from an overworked public defender. Get legal representation that will make a real, positive difference in your criminal case.

Call the Hallam Law Group at (602) 237-5373 to discuss your case with an experienced criminal damage to property attorney in Scottsdale. Initial consultations are always free of charge and completely confidential. You can also request an appointment online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.