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Scottsdale Gun Crimes Lawyer

It is very easy to find yourself in handcuffs for committing this crime even if you did not intend to cause anyone harm. Regardless of the circumstances of your alleged crime and arrest, retain a skilled Scottsdale gun crime attorney to represent you during your trial.

Crimes involving misconduct with weapons can carry serious charges and punishments. The state of Arizona often prosecutes these cases aggressively, seeking convictions and penalties for defendants who use weapons to intimidate others or carry out crimes. Whether this is your first offense or you’ve had a prior misdemeanor or felony convictions, the Scottsdale gun crimes lawyers at the Hallam Law Group can help. Contact us for a free initial case review to explore your rights and defense options when facing a “misconduct involving weapons” charge in Phoenix. A Scottsdale Criminal Lawyer is the best way to protect your rights and safeguard your future.

What Qualifies as Misconduct Involving Weapons?

Our lawyers in Scottsdale has had a long relationship with Arizona’s criminal code. Our knowledgeable attorneys understand the nuances of the laws and how to navigate them on behalf of criminal defendants. Section 13-3102 of the Arizona Revised Statutes describes Arizona’s misconduct involving weapons law. The statute states that someone commits this crime when he or she knowingly performs certain actions while carrying deadly weapons i.e. an armed bank robbery. All of the following could result in a “misconduct involving weapons” charge:

  • Carrying a deadly weapon within the immediate control or concealed on his/her person on a means of transportation (or concealed within immediate control if the person is under the age of 21). Does not include pocketknives.
  • Manufacturing, possessing, selling, transferring or transporting a prohibited weapon. Possessing dry ice with the intent to cause injury or death also qualifies as a “weapon” for the purposes of this statute.
  • Possessing a deadly or prohibited weapon if the defendant is a prohibited possessor, or knowingly selling/transferring a deadly weapon to a prohibited possessor.
  • Defacing a deadly weapon or knowingly possessing a defaced deadly weapon.
  • Committing any felony offense according to R.S. Title 13 Chapter 34 (drug offenses) while possessing or using a deadly weapon.
  • Discharging a firearm in an occupied structure with the purpose of assisting or furthering the interests of a street gang, criminal, or racketeer. Trafficking in weapons for financial gain in the same circumstances is also illegal.
  • Entering a public place or public event while carrying a deadly weapon after the property owner or event sponsor has asked the defendant to remove the weapon.
  • Entering an election poll on the day of an election, school grounds, or a nuclear or hydroelectric generating station carrying or possessing a deadly weapon.
  • Giving a firearm to someone knowing that the person would use it to commit a felony.
  • Using or possessing a deadly weapon with the intent to commit assault or further any act of terrorism or knowing that someone else will use the weapon for terrorism.

As you can see, Arizona police can charge a variety of weapons-related actions and activities as “misconduct involving weapons.” Speak to a Scottsdale gun crimes lawyer if you’ve been accused of one of these activities.

Do You Need a Scottsdale Gun Crimes Lawyer?

Never choose to represent yourself during criminal cases involving weapons. The state of Arizona is notoriously harsh with these cases and will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. Receiving a conviction for misconduct involving weapons can result in months or years in jail or prison, probation, hefty fines, and mandatory counseling. A permanent criminal record can impact your future by making it difficult to secure housing or employment.

Retain a Scottsdale gun crimes attorney from the Hallam Law Group to help you with your misconduct involving weapons case. Call (602) 237-5373 or contact us online for a free evaluation.