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Scottsdale Dangerous Crimes Lawyer

The Arizona courts punish people for crimes involving dangerous weapons or instruments more harshly than other criminal cases. The use of a deadly weapon, dangerous instrument, or even the simulation of one in any crime can increase the charges and penalties against you.

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How Can Our Scottsdale Dangerous Crime Lawyers Help?

Hiring a trusted, reputable defense law firm in Phoenix can give you much-needed peace of mind after an arrest for a crime involving a deadly or dangerous weapon. Instead of wondering if a public defender really has your best interests in mind or the time to dedicate to your case, you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt that the licensed misconduct involving weapons lawyers at Hallam Law group are working day and night to secure the best possible outcomes for your unique case. We know exactly how to handle even the most complex criminal litigations.

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What Classifies As a “Dangerous Crime” in Scottsdale?

“Dangerous crimes” can describe any unlawful act, regardless of an adult or juvenile crime in Scottsdale, wherein the defendant used a deadly weapon or another dangerous instrument. The prosecution treats these cases differently from crimes not involving deadly weapons. Generally, penalties and consequences are more severe since the defendant put others’ lives at greater risk by involving a dangerous weapon. Most criminal charges will be more serious (e.g., increasing from a misdemeanor to a felony) if the crime involved a weapon. The following are examples of charges one might face:

  • Disorderly conduct with the allegation of dangerousness. Section 13-2904 states that someone commits disorderly conduct if he or she recklessly “handles, displays, or discharges” a dangerous instrument or deadly weapon with intent to disturb the peace of a person, family, or community. Disorderly conduct involving a weapon is a Class 6 felony, while other forms of this crime are a Class 1 misdemeanor.
  • Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Section 13-1204 defines “aggravated assault” as committing assault while using a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument. Scottsdale assault attorney, Josephine Hallam states that even the simulation of a deadly weapon during an assault could result in an aggravated assault charge. Aggravated assault with a weapon is a Class 3 felony unless the victim is 14 or younger and if the incident causes serious physical injury, in which case it is a Class 2.
  • Weapon-related crimes. Other crimes relate directly to the possession or use of deadly weapons, and not to how the weapon exacerbates another type of crime. In Arizona, a person may face criminal charges for possessing an illegal or stolen weapon, discharging a firearm illegally, committing a drive-by shooting, or possessing a firearm while on parole. You could get in trouble for these crimes whether or not someone suffered injury.

Committing crimes using a dangerous weapon or instrument is a serious crime in Arizona. The actions you take immediately upon arrest can make an important difference in the outcome of your case.

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