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Scottsdale Juvenile Criminal Lawyer

It’s never more important to secure skilled, experienced legal help than when a child is in trouble and in need of legal defense. The juvenile court system differs from the adult legal system in key ways, making it difficult for parents and guardians to navigate it successfully without expert counsel with years of experience in juvenile court.

The attorneys at The Hallam Law Group in Scottsdale have successfully defended many juvenile crime suspects with skill and compassion. If your child is facing charges in any juvenile act of delinquency, the expert professionals at Scottsdale Juvenile Criminal Law Offices of the Hallam Group are ready to advocate aggressively for their rights.

Understanding Rehabilitative Penalties for Juveniles in Arizona

Because children under age 18 are still maturing, juvenile legal penalties tend to focus more on rehabilitation than incarceration. Steering penalties toward education and rehabilitation may lower the chance of future offenses. Research shows that juveniles who spend time incarcerated are less likely to complete high school and gain successful employment. For that reason, Arizona offers many alternatives to incarceration for youths including:

  • Counseling programs
  • Diversion programs
  • Community service
  • Supervised release programs
  • Therapeutic group homes
  • Home detention
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Local treatment programs
  • Morning and evening reporting centers

Because some crimes are far more serious than others, parents and guardians should never assume the court will offer alternatives to incarceration without skilled representation at their side. Repeat offenders and those charged with violent crimes may have very serious charges filed against them by prosecutors. Youths between the ages of 14 and 18 may even face adult charges for violent felonies or sexual offenses.

Parents should take all charges against a minor very seriously. If your child is facing charges in the Arizona Juvenile Justice System it’s essential for you to seek representation by experienced and proficient juvenile defense attorneys like those at The Hallam Law Group.

Why Choose Our Firm to Guide You Through the Juvenile Court Process in Arizona?

An experienced juvenile defense attorney will guide your family through the juvenile court process and aggressively advocate for the best outcomes every step of the way. Most juvenile cases follow this general court process:

  • An advisory hearing takes place to inform the youth of their rights and allow the accused to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty, followed by setting conditions for release and the date of the next hearing
  • A pre-adjudication conference takes place to inform the court of the case’s status and discuss possible plea agreements or a trial
  • Next is a detention review hearing to determine if the youth must remain in custody or can be released to home, a therapeutic group home, or a detention alternative program
  • Evidentiary hearings take place to provide testimony and arguments for legal motion
  • An adjudication hearing takes place in what is the juvenile equivalent of a trial with the state bearing the burden of proof to prove the youth committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. These hearings have judges only, there is no jury for juvenile court
  • A Disposition hearing takes place for sentencing. In the case of a conviction, the judge decides the penalty
  • Finally, a restitution hearing takes place to decide if the crime victim should receive monetary reimbursement from the juvenile with the parents legally responsible for up to $10,000

If your child has been accused of a crime in Maricopa County, you need the expertise of the Hallam Law Group to advocate at your child’s side through every step of the process. Our highly skilled lawyers know how to challenge state evidence with the care and precision needed to ensure the best possible outcome for your child.