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Scottsdale Robbery Lawyer

The Hallam Law Group has handled many complex criminal litigations in our years of experience. We aren’t new to combatting robbery charges during pre-trial negotiations or criminal trials. Our team of Scottsdale criminal defense lawyers knows how to secure the best possible outcomes for clients against any type of theft, burglary, or any felony charge, even in serious armed robbery cases. We use our knowledge of the law to deftly navigate cases to our clients’ best advantage. Our Scottsdale robbery attorneys can challenge the State’s evidence against you, expose a case’s weaknesses, and give you an edge during negotiations.

Robbery, or stealing property from someone through the use of force and against the victim’s will, is a felony in the state of Arizona. The classification of the crime and resultant penalties will depend upon the circumstances of the incident.

An experienced robbery attorney in Scottsdale can help you or a loved one fight robbery charges. Call the Hallam Law Group to work with experienced, trusted, and knowledgeable lawyers with a history of real results. We want to help you build an aggressive defense against the prosecution.

What Are the Three Classifications of Robbery Crimes in Arizona?

Simply stealing someone else’s property is not robbery. Scottsdale theft attorneys say that would be considered theft. Theft and robbery differ because robbery must involve the use or threat of force to qualify as a robbery in Arizona. Arizona Revised Statutes has different definitions of robbery depending on the type of crime: robbery, aggravated robbery, and armed robbery. These are three distinct and different crimes, although similar in nature. Understanding the differences between the types can give you some clarification concerning your individual lawsuit:

  1. Robbery. A.R.S. Section 13-1902. “Robbery” is the taking of any type of property from someone else’s person or in his/her immediate presence and against his/her will, while threatening or using force against the victim with the purpose of coercing the surrender of the property or to prevent the person from resisting the robbery. Robbery qualifies as a Class 4 felony in Arizona.
  2. Aggravated robbery. A.R.S. Section 13-1903. “Aggravated robbery” uses the same definition of robbery as Section 13-1902 of the law, adds with “help or assistance from an accomplice who is actually present.” Committing robbery with one or more accomplices with you is a Class 3 felony.
  3. Armed robbery. A.R.S. Section 13-1904. “Armed robbery” means to commit robbery as per the definition in Section 13-1902, but while armed with a deadly weapon, threatening to use a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument, or actually using the weapon or instrument. Simulated deadly weapons also count. The Arizona courts classify armed robbery as a Class 2 felony.

The robbery classification in your case can make a great deal of difference. Penalties for simple robbery (first offense), for example, can be as minor as one year in jail, while a first offense armed robbery conviction automatically carries a mandatory seven-year prison sentence. A good Scottsdale robbery attorney can aim to minimize your penalties by lessening the charges against you, as well as using smart defense strategies.

Possible Defenses to Robbery Charges in Scottsdale

A few possible defenses we might be able to use in your robbery case include permission to enter, lack of intent, and entrapment. Proving that you had the property owner’s permission to take the item or providing an alibi for your whereabouts the day of the robbery could result in the courts dropping the charges against you. Lack of intent to take the item, such as taking something accidentally, could also be a legitimate defense. You might also be able to use intoxication, coercion, or duress as defenses.

Learn more about Arizona’s robbery laws, the criminal justice process, and potential defense strategies in your particular case during a free evaluation with a robbery attorney at the Hallam Law Group. We’ll listen to what happened, give you sound legal advice, and possibly offer our services to you as legal representation. Call (602) 237-5373 to get in touch with experienced robbery defense attorneys in Scottsdale, Arizona today.