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Scottsdale Child Molestation Lawyer

Child molestation is a serious charge that involves unlawful sexual activity with a minor. Facing child molestation charges can seriously impact your life, harming reputation, social connections, family relationships, housing, and more. These types of charges can follow you for the rest of your life. If you are facing child molestation charges, you face a challenging legal battle to restore your reputation and avoid stringent Arizona penalties.

If you are seeking a Scottsdale defense attorney to defend you in a child molestation case, contact the Hallam Law Group immediately to discuss your case. At the Hallam Law Group, our attorneys understand how child molestation laws in Arizona operate and can assist you in developing a strong case on your behalf.

  • Our Scottsdale child molestation attorneys will work closely with you from consultation to trial, ensuring open communication so that you know the circumstances of your case.
  • We will help you understand the charges and work toward the best outcome for your situation.
  • Our lawyers have years of experience practicing criminal defense law, including child molestation and domestic violence charges.

How Does Arizona Define Child Molestation?

Arizona state law defines child molestation as most forms of sexual contact with a minor under fifteen years of age. If a person knowingly and intentionally engages in sexual contact with a minor child, he or she commits an act of child molestation. Arizona Revised Statute 13-1401 defines sexual contact as touching, fondling, or manipulating a child’s genitals or anus.

The law also states that a person can use any part of the body or a foreign object to commit child molestation. These charges also apply to situations where a person causes a child to engage in these forms of sexual activity. However, Arizona law does not classify sexual contact with a female child’s breast a form of child molestation. Instead, the law defines this act as sexual abuse.

How Do I Combat a Child Molestation Charge?

In the state of Arizona, you can combat child molestation charges in a number of ways. Factual issues arise in nearly all cases involving sexual assault and abuse, as false claims can occur. In addition to truth-based defenses, Arizona Revised Statutes 13-1407 provides a list of affirmative defenses that people accused of sex crimes can use to obtain a favorable outcome.

However, the majority of these defenses are applicable only to cases involving minors over the age of 15. Since children under this age are less likely to pass for a person above the age of consent, the state does not provide additional defenses. However, the statute does provide one option for child molestation charges: you can avoid criminal prosecution if sexual urges were not the motivating factor for the alleged act.

In order to fully combat a child molestation charge, you are going to need the help of an experienced Scottsdale child molestation attorney. Contact the Hallam Law Group today.

Potential Penalties for a Child Molestation Conviction

Child molestation cases are very complex and serious. They can result in life-altering and damaging penalties. A child molestation conviction can make it very difficult for you to find a place to live, a steady job, or maintain your pre-allegation relationships.

Potential consequences for first-time charges include:

  • Mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison
  • A maximum prison sentence of 24 years with no early release eligibility
  • Mandatory enrollment in a public sex offender registry
  • Mandatory counseling
  • Payment of heavy fines
  • Community service

Arizona considers child molestation a Dangerous Crime Against Children, which means that a person must serve the entire prison term before release. If you receive two or more charges for the same case, you will have to serve each prison term consecutively.

Why Should You Hire a Scottsdale Attorney?

Child molestation charges are very serious and require a strong legal defense. Hiring a child molestation attorney from Scottsdale can provide you with multiple benefits for your case.

  • Your lawyer will know your rights under Arizona law and safeguard these rights throughout the trial process.
  • Your attorney will argue for sentencing that is not excessive and fits the circumstances of the case, helping you avoid unfair punitive sentences.
  • Your attorney will have access to local expert witnesses, polygraph operators, and other knowledgeable authorities who can testify on your behalf.

If you are facing child molestation charges, contact Hallam Law Group today to discuss your case. Our firm has years of defense litigation experience to defend your rights throughout the trial process. Schedule a free consultation today at our offices in Scottsdale, Arizona.