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Scottsdale Sexual Exploitation of Children Attorney

Criminal charges involving the sexual exploitation of children are extremely serious and very delicate in nature. Whether the charges are valid or not, if you are facing such charges, you need a Scottsdale defense attorney immediately. Your life is on the line.

A criminal conviction would be both personally and professionally devastating and likely lead to significant jail time. You need aggressive, passionate lawyers to help you through these serious criminal cases. Our Scottsdale sexual exploitation of children attorneys will stop at nothing to help you in any way they can. From answering your legal questions to representing you during full-scale criminal trials, we’ll be here for you every step of the way. Our team’s exceptional track record and sophisticated defense tactics are exactly what you need at this difficult time.

Serous charges such as sexual exploitation of a minor require serious child abuse lawyers in Scottsdale. The Hallam Law Group doesn’t balk at the prospect of taking on even the most complex or high-stakes criminal litigation. We have years of experience helping clients with all types of felony charges, including homicide, drug crimes, and sex crimes. We have the skill and resources you need for strong, assertive criminal defense in Arizona.

How Does the Law Define Sexual Exploitation of Children?

Arizona Revised Statutes Section 13-3553 defines “sexual exploitation of a minor” as knowingly creating, developing, or duplicating any visual depiction (including photographs, films, or recordings) of minors engaged in exploitive exhibition or other sexual conduct. Receiving, purchasing, possessing, transporting, distributing, selling, exhibiting, exchanging, or electronically transmitting the same also qualifies as sexual exploitation of children.

Sexual exploitation of a minor is a Class 2 felony in the state of Arizona, punishable by 10 to 24 years in prison, fines, and extensive probation. Convicted individuals will also need to register with the Arizona Sex Offender Registry. The public will be able to search for your name on the list of sex offenders within the state, as well as find out if you live in or are moving to the community. You might also lose parental rights if the Arizona Child Protective Services intervenes.

Sexual exploitation of children is also against federal law. United States Code Title 18child, Chapter 110, Section 2251 defines this crime as employing, using, persuading, inducing, enticing, or coercing any minor to engage in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of recording it or producing any visual depiction. It is also sexual exploitation to transport minors in commerce with the intent to use the minor for sexually explicit purposes and visual depictions.

Parents, legal guardians, or those with custody of minors may face sexual exploitation charges if they knowingly permit minors to engage in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of creating visual depictions. Having a minor assist with sexually explicit conduct is also against federal law. Dealing with the visual depictions in any shape or form could result in exploitation charges against you. Punishment for breaking the federal law is 15 to 30 years in prison or longer if the defendant has a prior conviction or is guilty of aggravated sexual abuse, sex trafficking, or child pornography.

What Evidence Does the Police Need to Make an Arrest?

You might find yourself entangled in a child sexual exploitation case if someone accuses you of child sexual abuse, coercion, or the production or distribution of child pornography. Police will need probable cause to make an arrest, such as someone filing a complaint against you or actual evidence that you are guilty of exploitation. A free criminal case evaluation with one of our attorneys can help you understand your rights and options when facing sexual exploitation of children charges in Phoenix.

Don’t wait to call an attorney for a free criminal case evaluation after arrest in Arizona. Child sexual exploitation is a complex area of law that requires a confident and experienced litigator by your side. The Hallam Law Group makes itself available to clients at all times, always keeping them updated about their cases. We may be able to help you defeat or lessen the charges against you. Schedule your free consultation to talk to a sexual exploitation of children lawyer about your case – call (602) 237-5373 today.